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Prototyping interactions with

static electricity & textiles

Hello and welcome! This e-Static handbook gives an overview of the basic knowledge and skills needed to start exploring static electricity as a material property of textiles for shaping interactions with electronic textiles.
THIS WEBSITE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS- PLEASE CHECK BACK IN A FEW MONTHS FOR MORE EXAMPLES AND TIPS ON EXPLORING STATIC ELECTRICITY THROUGH TEXTILES!  You can subscribe to this website in the footer widget below to stay updated when new content is added. And meanwhile, don’t hesitate to send an email to if you have any e-Static questions!
Getting started
Some basics on what is static electricity, how to engage with it safely, e-static everyday materials, some DIY science experiments, and more… >>
Designing e-static interactions
An introduction to triboelectric generator circuit, tips on how to design interactions, ways of incorporating static electricity to textiles, and more… >>